March 15, 2020

Stairways can be a focal point in Bay Village

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Make your home reach new heights with staircase makeover

The reasons you may want to consider a staircase makeover range from worn-out carpet runners and wooden steps to perhaps a dated and unappealing look. The solutions, however, so stairways can be a focal point in Bay Village, or other communities, are many.

Interested in a spiral staircase to your second floor? Or how about a curved landing on your classical staircase? Perhaps LED lighting strips will add an elegant look to your steps.

A quality makeover will accomplish more than a fresh appearance. It will add value to your home and boost its overall beauty.

A spiral staircase requires less room than a conventional one and makes an attractive statement to any kitchen or area where space is limited.

The following are some options for you to consider when thinking about a staircase makeover.

Spiral staircase

A spiral staircase serves as a classy addition to your house. It offers a footprint of as little as 14 square feet—making it fit well in spaces too small for a conventional staircase, such as halls, foyers and kitchens.

Spiral staircases make good alternative staircases for your home, complementing the main staircase to your upper floor. Be aware that some people, such as the elderly or children, find them a bit challenging to climb, so for that reason, spiral staircases are often secondary to the main staircase.

If a spiral staircase doesn’t clash with existing features of your home, it can blend in well and offer an eye-popping design feature. Many are offered pre-assembled and come in wood or metal.

Before you choose an option, research thoroughly to see if the opening is not too large so the staircase appears more of an eyesore than a thing of beauty.

A curved landing

A curved landing similar to this provides a rounded, soft look to what could have been just a stark bottom of the staircase.

Your main staircase should be the centerpiece of your home, and if it lacks a curved landing, by adding one you will achieve an impressive design victory.

A curved landing accentuates the bottom of the staircase, and its smooth and rounded features make it appear simple yet elegant. Depending on the space available, the landing can be either a full-curved one, such as when the staircase is located in the center of the room, or half-curved, when the staircase is located against a wall.

If a staircase is properly designed and constructed, it is comfortable to ascend or descend and visually interesting. Too often, however, staircases are boring and only a necessity for traveling from one floor to another. That’s why comfort, aesthetics, and function are all important, from the bottom landing to the top landing.


While carpeting is attractive for stairs, it is responsible for more falls down the steps than uncarpeted stairs. A large part of the reason is the visuals; carpeting tends to blur the sight edges of the steps, and that creates some uncertainty of the person navigating the stairs.  In that way, carpeting may make your depth perception unsure.

LED lighting strips can be installed at the inner edge of the stairs or tucked in where the riser meets the step.

One partial solution, if you are sold on carpet, is to add a carpet runner to existing wooden stairs. Safety is an obvious reason, since wood or tiled stairs may be slippery.

Adding a runner increases the safety factor by providing a targeted place to walk on the stairs, not to mention comfort of the soft carpet. There is also a sound-deadening aspect.

Lastly, runners come in many patterns and styles to suit your taste. A straight staircase without any curved steps may be difficult for you to match geometric designs, so avoid patterns.

Designs that are abstract or floral work well for stairs. They don’t require the precise matching as geometric patterns.

A runner usually requires a thin padding so it doesn’t add much to the height of the runner. Usually about a quarter-inch is sufficient.

Decorative rods are an option. They are tucked in where the riser meets the tread and do not actually hold the runner in place—they are ornamental.

Don’t overlook the space under a staircase—it could be transformed into a neat, compact home office.

A staircase makeover does more than just make your stairs feel fresh. The makeover will enhance the overall beauty of your home.  When you are considering how stairways can be a focal point in Bay Village, or other communities, you can depend upon Sciarappa Construction. Teams of experienced designers, architects and construction professionals are ready to offer you multiple design-build and remodel solutions. Sciarappa Construction will get the job done, with no surprises, and completed on time. Sciarappa Construction is a family-owned construction contractor with over 40 years combined experience.

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