February 15, 2020

Some signs to consider remodeling in Bay Village

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Ten tips to aid in the decision-making process

If you’ve admired the décor of your friend’s house, and it’s ignited your desire to think about your own home, that’s a strong sign that you’re ready to consider remodeling. Maybe you plan to sell in a few years, or perhaps your home just has that dated look that affects its functionality.

That’s not to overlook a major consideration—the cost—and if you have committed yourself to proceeding.

Here are some signs to consider remodeling in Bay Village, or other community, that may help you decide on a project.

Finding the funds to do the project

While remodeling requires a financial investment, particularly if it includes a kitchen or bathroom project, there are literally hundreds of loan programs that can help through banks, credit unions or brokers.

A home equity loan, for instance, is frequently used for home renovation.

You might find that you could borrow more than you thought.

It’s time to move, and you want to maximize your home’s value for sale

While you may have been “empty nesters” for awhile, and the stairs are too much to climb in your house, and it needs a new look, before you decide to sell your house, it may be necessary to improve it get the best return before you put it on the market.

Wear and tear in the home is obvious

Homes that have seen families grow up are going to show some wear and tear. Maybe windows don’t close well, or doors have been damaged from frequent opening and closing. When these matters start to add up, however, is when it’s time to take action.

If your home has issues with deterioration issues do not neglect them since they may lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

Does your home seem outdated?

You may have become quite comfortable over the years with your home’s look, but you’re interested in what could be changed, it’s easy to review design trends and decor by checking out the market in your area. All it takes is to find Zillow.com on the internet or some Realtor websites and see what is happening.

Making a small kitchen seem larger starts with selecting white cabinets and counters.
Clutter can build up right before your eyes, but several solutions may ease the problem.

By performing a 21st century makeover on your home, you’re stepping out of the past with newer lighting, windows and that also will be more efficient, saving you money.

Tired of all the clutter?

When you find yourself getting frustrated due to constant clutter with nowhere to store items, there are many ways to add storage options. New shelving, cabinets or cubby bin units are available for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces.

An organized look to your house shows much thought was given to how the daily routines of living can be structured to look clean and reduce the stress of clutter.

A change in your family situations

A growing family, or shrinking one due to graduations or other changes, may cause you to reconsider how some features of your home could be altered.

Perhaps you need to convert the attic into another bedroom or the basement into a recreation area for children. Or, if the children have grown up and left the nest, a spare bedroom could become an office or that sewing/laundry room you always wanted.

Picking a décor to better fit your style

Books and magazines can overwhelm poorly functional shelves.
There are many neat and orderly solutions to tidy up books and other items.

After living in your house for a period, you may decide realize it’s time to move on from its existing early-American style to a contemporary look. Perhaps you see yourself more as a modern thinker and while the functionality of your bath or kitchen is fine, the overall look is a bit out of synch with you.

Some homeowners opt for updating cabinets, counters and backsplash. Perhaps different wall colors will make a big difference. New plumbing fixtures and hardware such as drawer pulls are other options to change the décor.


Is your home’s functionality a weakness?

One of the shortcomings of older homes is inadequate interior design. It might have been satisfactory at the time, but years later it’s not working well. Perhaps you need more kitchen counter space, or you have constant fights for two people to share the bathroom mirror.

Maybe your laundry area could be located more conveniently on the main floor.

If you don’t want to move, but you’d like to have a more contemporary home

Let’s face it: after you’ve lived in a home for years, you feel comfortable and really want to stay put. That’s all the more reason to consider remodeling to update your home’s décor and features.

If your financial investment will be significant, keep in mind that you will want to enjoy the remodeling benefits for years ahead, and that those years give you enough time to recover some of the costs when you sell your home.

Your home suffers from unused—or wasted—space

If you have a spare bedroom you never use, one option is to knock out a wall to enlarge a living room, for instance, next to the unused room.

Or you may combine two small bedrooms into one master suite. There are many options to better use the wasted space.

Can you tolerate a temporary relocation?

No one said remodeling a home isn’t messy. If you are renovating your kitchen, not only will there be construction dust and debris, but you will not be able to cook meals. Once you find out the renovation timetable, you will need to consider your options for cooking and eating.

Some homeowners take a vacation, stay at a hotel, or visit family. It usually depends on the time it takes to complete the work.

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