April 15, 2020

Remodeling ideas in Avon Lake

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Small budget projects can have a big impact on your home

Homeowners know their property’s condition and features are important, as is its location, when determining the value for resale or to make life more convenient and comfortable the longer you stay in the residence. So why not give some thought to some small budget projects that can have a big impact on your home? Here are some suggestions for remodeling ideas in Avon Lake or other suburbs in Northeast Ohio.

  1. Kitchen drawers under the sink

Kitchen sinks commonly have a cabinet under them, and it can be convenient to store cleaning supplies and toss in whatever. But once you put more than a few items there, it becomes cluttered and difficult to find what you need quickly.

A solution is to add drawers under the sink to give access and organization. While the optimum time is to install the drawers during a kitchen installation, they can be retrofitted. This will require a custom fit by a professional carpenter.

Two drawers allow you more options for storage, but the design will work with one drawer as well. The first order of business is to construct the drawers in a U-shape to make room for the disposal and plumbing lines. Once that is completed, the tracks are installed, followed by finishing the drawers and adding pulls.

The drawers can be removed to provide access to the plumbing and disposal if repairs are needed and then reinserted.

  1. Converting kitchen cabinets into glass cabinets
Glass doors on select kitchen cabinets add openness to your kitchen.

You’ll be impressed with how just one set of glass cabinets will improve the look of your kitchen. The openness gives the illusion of space and allows you to show off your glassware and dinnerware that are neatly arranged. You can choose a single cabinet or two facing ones that swing open oppositely.

The process involves cutting out the raised panel of the door and installing glass in the opening. Moulding is added to hide gluing and rough edges. A carpenter can complete the work to your satisfaction.

  1. Adding sliding kitchen drawers

The convenience of storing kitchen pots and pans in sliding drawers can’t be underestimated. Sliding drawers are a feature of almost all new kitchen installations—but they can be retrofitted into your existing kitchen by a carpenter.

Sliding drawers add convenience for storing kitchen pots and pans.

If the existing cabinet fronts are in good condition and you like their design and look, they should be great candidates for this project.

The major step will be to have a carpenter build a drawer box to the cabinet’s dimensions. To make for smooth operation, the box will slide on a track with ball bearings.

  1. The look of stone veneer for a bathtub front

If you’d like to add the look of stone to your bathtub front, it’s a great project to dress up a formerly drab surface. One of the ways to accomplish this is to use manufactured stone veneer, which is lighter than stone and has all the look of real stone.

First pick a stone veneer color that matches the bathroom wall color. Tan or gray colors are most common. The veneer is glued to the bathtub front in a staggered pattern much like a brick wall.

Once the top row is completed, moulding such as three-quarter round makes for a nice trim.

The project also works well with many shower fronts as well.

  1. Install a beadboard ceiling

Many homes have plaster ceilings that are finished with a brush design, and if you’re tired of that look, why not try a beadboard ceiling to add some class to your bathroom or any suitable room? A bead board ceiling will eliminate the textured look, which is subject to collecting dirt in the crevices and dulling over time.

A beadboard ceiling adds a warm cottage feeling to any room.

Beadboard commonly comes in 3- or 4-inch wide sizes and a variety of thicknesses, usually ranging from 3/8-inch to ½-inch, and it is tongue-and-groove assembly to help hide the seams. It gives a feeling of a warm cottage with rural charm.

Ceiling installation is best done by a professional, due to the difficulty.

When it’s time for you to review some remodeling ideas in Avon Lake, or other communities, contact the Sciarappa Construction design and construction experts. By calling (440) 930-2882 or by emailing us at info@sciarappaconstruction.com, you can plan your project with us. We are located at 32961 Oak Pkwy., Avon Lake, OH 44012, and have more than 40 years of combined experience in remodeling within the Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, and Greater Cleveland, Ohio areas.

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