August 15, 2019

Painting and prep work in Bay Village

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A basic knowledge of when to paint and what to use

One of the privileges of a homeowner—and some may see it as a responsibility in a way—is deciding how often to paint the interior or exterior of your home. While opinions differ, many experts suggest both interiors and exteriors should be repainted every five to seven years, and here are some tips on painting and prep work in Bay Village, and other communities.

New color themes are launched frequently, and there are many to suit your tastes.

A new color theme can add value and personality to your interior. You may feel a need for bold colors or you might opt for a subtle shade. Either can add passion to your exterior appeal and vitality to the interior.

Interior spaces that receive frequent wear and tear may need repainting every two to three years. These include children’s bedrooms, which receive extra use because they are used for both playing and sleeping. Kitchens and bathrooms are also in this category. They may maintain a satisfactory look for up to three to four years before showing their age with bumps, scratches, food spatters and the like.

Living rooms, dining rooms and adult bedrooms fall into the longer category and may not need repainting for five to seven years. These spaces usually receive less traffic, and if they have been painted with durable, high quality paint, will wear well.

Kitchens are one of the spaces that need more frequent repainting because of constant wear and tear.

The wear factor is more critical for exteriors: chipping, cracking or peeling paint may let moisture seep into underneath support material, causing rotting, mildew and weathering. Metal doors may rust. When these conditions exist, it’s time to repaint before repairs get expensive.

Ceiling paint will last about twice as long as wall paint. This will help you plan accordingly, but repainting a ceiling is an excellent way to brighten any room. Gradual yellowing occurs over time, and you may not notice it until painting the walls a new color. Flat white is by far the most popular color and a new coat will brighten your room by about 20 percent.

Baseboards, doors, cabinets, window trim, and other decorative wood details take a lot of abuse in the home and most people tend to repaint them every two to four years, depending on the trim’s location.

Professional painters often will use long-lasting gloss finish paints on trim and satin finish paints on walls to help make sure the paint will last after being washed and scrubbed many times.

Satin sheens aid in resisting dirt, stains and mildew, and that makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Bold colors brighten a room and offer exciting opportunities for interior decor.

Brands of paint differ, but low-quality paints do not have expensive resins and binders like the better paints have.  One way to test this example is to paint a ceiling with low-quality paint and see if covers the old paint, let alone not splatter in the painter’s face. It probably won’t!

To get the most for the money and not have headaches as well as toxins in the lungs and house, Scirappa Construction recommends paint from Sherwin-Williams, the largest seller of paint in the United States, and a company founded in 1866 in Cleveland.  Sherwin-Williams paints offer optimum coverage and feature zero or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Once you choose a color and finish, it’s not yet time to paint. The area must be prepared well and will make the difference. You will have a beautiful paint job. That means removing furniture, laying drop cloths or plastic sheets down on the floor, taping off molding, baseboards, trim, switch plates and outlets. If there is no crown molding, tape off the ceiling edges as well. Your painter can repair damages in dry wall and wood trim before the work begins.

With some basic knowledge about the types of paint and how it makes sense to plan and hire a professional, you can have a great new look to your house!

When it comes to painting and prep work in Bay Village, or other communities, you can call Sciarappa Construction. With our teams of experienced professionals, you can depend upon Sciarappa Construction to get the job done, with no surprises, and completed on time

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