October 1, 2018

New entry doors in Bay Village, Ohio

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Making a great first impression

You became heir to the front door when you purchased your house, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. A new entry door can make your home “pop”—there are few stronger statements that can add “stopping power.” Front doors can either make or break your house’s curb appeal.

And if your home is in a community where property owners take a great deal of pride in their homes, many of which have the craftsmanship of older residences just ripe for a makeover of an impressive exterior, including new entry doors in Bay Village, Ohio

Another recent concern beside an updated look is how to improve energy efficiency of your entry door. Over time, wooden doors can deteriorate and foyers become noticeably drafty during cold weather. A new entry door can help reduce heating as well as cooling costs.

“The cost of a standard steel types ranges between $150 and $300. Add glass and that cost increases to $300 to $1,200. Double or those with sidelights can range anywhere from $500 to $2,500 with an average range of $1,000 to $1,500,” according to HomeAdvisor. “A new rough frame costs anywhere from $200 to $650 depending on a variety of factors. Labor runs between $40 to $90 per hour or more with an average about $70 per hour for a licensed contractor.”

A bright splash of color makes a big impression for an entry door, regardless of design.

When exploring ideas for a new entry door, your first concern is to find the architectural style that works with your house.

Colonial style homes are popular in Bay Village, often having an entry door in the center of the house. Usually featuring two stories, the style typically has two windows on either side of the entry door and five windows on the second floor. A clean, symmetrical entry door often makes sense for this type of house, but the door’s central position also makes it a candidate for a special look with sidelights and a transom.

Cape Cod homes are also one of the most popular styles, with their steep roofs, multi-pane windows and dormers. Geometric lines accentuate this design, so a simple, clean entry door is popular.

Ranch houses were introduced in the 1950s and offer efficient living on one floor, with simplicity in design. Garages are attached and brick facades are common for the style. Since it is a modern design, entry doors often complement the contemporary feel and use a minimum of windows or no windows as all.

Tudor, Mediterranean, French provincial, and Victorian styles by their nature include ornamentation that typifies their styles and gives many options for a similarly ornate entry doors. Sidelights, the narrow window panels that border the full height of each side, add an impressive look to the entryway and are available in similar designs that complement the door style.

When considering the width of a front door with two sidelights, allow about 40 inches for a pre-hung style. There is no standard width for this combination; however, new or more recent construction often includes a front door 36 by 80 inches. This size meets accessibility requirement, for instance, wheelchair navigation. So with sidelights that are 12 by 80 inches, the finished opening is 60 by 80 inches.

To add even more elegance, a transom (narrow window panel above the door) gives a special touch to the entryway. It also allows extra light to enter the room. Rectangular, half-round and elliptical styles are available.

Wooden doors add a classic look with a classic material.


A custom-fit door is an option, created specifically for the space. While it is the most expensive option, it provides the style and look that only you can choose. Buying a custom door allows you to choose any wood, size or design.

Once you’ve reviewed examples of compatible styles, it’s time to choose the colors and material. Wooden doors have a rich, classic look, and are offered with various panel designs. Good quality wood can be repaired easily if needed over the years and provides the aesthetics that only natural materials offer. With proper care, a wooden door can last many years.

Steel doors are known for their security and strength. Usually made with 20-26 gauge steel, these metal doors do not warp or crack, are available in various patterns, and add durability.

Fiberglass doors wear better than steel doors, are moderately priced and require little maintenance. They imitate the look of real wood and offer superior insulation qualities compared to steel doors.

Security is important when reviewing types of doors. Strikeplates need to be anchored deep into the doorjamb to prevent prying open.

With any entry door, it’s wise for security purposes to use a lock that has a 1-inch-long deadbolt and box strike of reinforced metal. The striking plate requires 3-inch-long screws to anchor in the framing underneath the door jamb.

Following these steps will add security to doors of any material. While most locked doors themselves may withstand a violent blow, extra strength locksets and strike plates can significantly increase a door’s resistance to such hits.

Choosing a new entry door is one of the most important choices you can make to improve your home’s curb appeal. It’s an investment you can appreciate both while you live there and if you should someday sell your home.

Contact Sciarappa Construction to make it happen. We’re very familiar with several different types of entry doors that will meet your individual preference. Our craftsmen will go over the options with you and provide an accurate estimate for your new entry doors in Bay Village, Ohio.

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An elegant entry door with sidelights makes a stunning impression.
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