December 31, 2019

Installing vinyl flooring in Bay Village

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Today’s realistic looks add class to the floor

When it comes to flooring options for your home, technology has not stood still. One of the most popular options now—luxury vinyl flooring—takes advantage of the advances in photographic imaging. With the look of hardwood and the toughness of laminate, vinyl flooring is a reasonably priced solution.

The printing technology today imitates with extreme realism the beauty of hardwood, or even tile and stone. You’ll often find it difficult to tell the difference, and installing vinyl flooring in Bay Village, or other communities, can be a great answer to your flooring questions.

Vinyl flooring is available in many colors and appearances. No longer are you limited to only a handful of options.

Here are some important tips about vinyl flooring to help you make your decision.

Price factor

When it comes to vinyl tile design, design options are nearly limitless.

Luxury vinyl plank offers a cost-effective approach to give your home an updated look. While hardwood is often the “gold standard” for flooring, it is expensive compared to quality luxury vinyl plank, which ranges from $3 to $7 a square foot for the material. That makes it worth consideration.

It’s important to choose the best quality vinyl flooring you can afford, since the better qualities offer benefits such as waterproofing and scratch resistance. In addition, better qualities are usually available in more colors, stain resistance, gloss levels and sizes than less expensive lines.

Better vinyl planks and tiles have through-body coloring—that means should the flooring be scratched, the damage is less visible than with economy vinyl that doesn’t have through-body coloring.

Don’t overlook the thickness of the vinyl flooring material. Thicker vinyl flooring may last 25 years while thinner material could last between five to 10 years for normal foot traffic.

Vinyl options

There are basically three types of vinyl flooring options. Each provides particular benefits for the intended use.

Vinyl plank flooring gives the closest resemblance to hardwood. Traditional hardwood floors consisted of plank 2 to 3 inches wide, and this look is available in vinyl planks, with for example two to three rows per plank. However, other width options are offered, commonly from 5 to 8-inches wide, with 7 inches often a manufacturer’s standard.

Vinyl sheet flooring is cut to fit on site and offers excellent moisture protection due to the few numbers of seams.

Vinyl tile flooring is a second option and is assembled piece by piece. This feature makes it easier to replace a damaged tile. There are many vinyl tiles colors and designs available.

The third type is vinyl sheet flooring. This is a single sheet of vinyl glued down to the substrate and is an optimum solution for kitchens and bathrooms where it’s crucial to stop moisture from seeping through seams.

To minimize the risks for someone with respiratory issues, look for vinyl that advertises low VOC material that’s phthalate free.

Additional benefits

Vinyl flooring offers a bit of “bounce” to it, so if anyone happens to fall, it tends to absorb the shock. If you drop a dish on a vinyl floor, it won’t crack or chip. However, a word to the wise: falling sharp objects are a danger to vinyl floors.

Vinyl is an excellent choice for homes inhabited by the accident-prone. Unlike stone or ceramic, it absorbs shocks. If you stand while cooking and cleaning for extended periods, your muscles and joints will like the softness of a vinyl floor. It also stays at room temperature, even in winter, and absorbs sound.

Vinyl flooring is easily installed and installation usually takes a short amount of time.


Cleaning a vinyl floor begins with a cleaner made especially for those types of floors. Most vinyl shouldn’t be waxed since that process will damage the surface. Spillages should be mopped up immediately since vinyl can stain.

Many homeowners find that the best cleanser for vinyl flooring is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Vinegar contains mild acetic acid and helps break down dirt and grime on the floor. Always sweep or vacuum first before mopping to remove loose dirt that could scratch the vinyl. Scuff marks often may be removed with WD-40 lubricant spray and a towel.

Finally, keep in mind that heavy furniture is an enemy of vinyl. Use padding under couches and items such as credenzas.

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