November 15, 2019

Installing big windows in Avon Lake

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Adding more glass can offer a stunning view and great curb appeal

If you have been toying with a better viewing experience for your living room, library or guest room, a large window or window cluster will help make your home more stylish and attractive, not to mention the  advantages of natural lighting and ventilation the new window will bring.

A large window can be used with or without drapes or a window treatment.

On the other hand, you may have noticed wood rot on your window—and that prompts a serious look into what has happened. For example, if your window faces west, it may have been exposed to more sunshine and stormy weather than if it faced another direction. In addition, if you have a sprinkler system, it may have regularly wet the wall, over time allowing water to seep in and rot the wood. In any case, deterioration often requires replacement.

Once you consider the view you want to capture, perhaps looking out on the front or back yard, and whether you want operable, fixed or a combination, the next step installing big windows in Avon Lake or other communities is choosing the design.

While initially you may believe you have free rein on the window’s shape and size, there are some basic boundaries.

First, review the design of your current windows. If your home is a colonial design with multiple panes and shutters, a contemporary expansive window with minimal trim and large panes wouldn’t match. But a cluster of windows that complement the colonial design would fit well.

Allowing natural light to come in makes a kitchen appear larger.

While you will want to review the websites of window manufacturers for ideas, don’t limit your research to those sources. Spend some time viewing homes in various neighborhoods for examples of large windows and how they are coordinated into the overall design.

Once you have a couple of favorite styles, do a little planning. Keep the window within proportions of the wall. If your walls are a standard 8-foot wall, windows will usually top out at 16 inches below the ceiling, level to the top of interior doors at 6 feet 8 inches tall.

Taller windows optimally will require 9-foot ceilings and above to fill the space proportionately.

With many window manufacturers, you can order any sizes you want and may shapes as well. Some windows are standard sizes but most are custom-made. Most large windows are essentially a combination of several, grouped into a large design that may feature fixed and operating windows.

Some companies offer to build double and triple windows for you at the factory. Be sure to ask your contractor for an estimate. The cost usually doesn’t range more than 10 to 20 percent higher than individual windows’ cost.

Specialty windows add to the attractiveness of your house and its curb appeal.

Ovals, circles, triangles and octagons are specialty windows that can add pizzazz to your room if the ceiling height and house exterior allow.

Large windows will require some reframing, but this often follows a standard procedure. The exterior is usually exposed first, which then will display any wood rot or water damage. The header is examined and temporary supports may be needed while a new header is installed. Existing framing is removed so enough space remains for the new window. A reciprocating saw makes easy work, cutting through wood and nails.

Where the frame is nailed to drywall, the frame is carefully pried off the nails, leaving minimal patching to the drywall and vapor barrier. Hopefully, no electrical wiring will be in the way, but if needed, wiring may be disconnected and reconnected later.

Similar procedures are followed with stucco homes, but special care is needed to match the exterior stucco finish.

In the meantime, the new framing is constructed following measurements of the new window. It is usually placed in a mock position on the ground to visualize the final product. That ensures accuracy.

Depending on your contractor’s material preference, the exterior sheathing is then  installed, and the window can be mounted easily. Sometimes six windows, for instance, may be assembled at the factory into one large window, which can be lifted and mounted in a few minutes’ time. This is a huge savings in time compared to mounting each window separately.

The results: you’ve given your home more personality, and you can enjoy the natural lighting and openness the new window brings, not to mention it will make your house unique.

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