August 31, 2019

Design-build project in Avon Lake

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Save time and increase efficiency on remodeling projects

If you’ve heard the term “design-build” as you researched how to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you probably noticed how it is used in projects that call for personal or unique design flairs. Design-build is becoming popular largely due to its ability to produce a client-focused process for contractors that is also more cohesive and effective. As the owner, you can influence your design-build project in Avon Lake or other communities by strategically and proactively planning at the project’s initial stages.

Design-build projects involve one contract between the owner and the design-build team.

Simply put, design-build involves one contract for both design and construction services. Other types of project delivery differ because they have separate contracts for design and construction.

The traditional design-bid-build project is the most common method of project delivery method. The owner contracts with a designer/architect and a contractor separately. While this gives the owner the upper hand in choosing a contractor, it does not bind the contractor to the designer. The owner would bear all the risk when it is time to provide design drawings to the contractors.

Once the designer completes the drawings, the owner then seeks bids from contractors for the work.

Under the legal concept of a Standard of Care, architects and engineers provide design services. They prepare plans to the best of their abilities, but do not guarantee those documents to be perfect and free of human error. The designer then gives completed plans and specifications to the owner who then seeks bids from contractors. In essence, the owner promises that the plans and specifications are sufficient for the contractor to bid and build the project.

It is not unusual that the information provided is insufficient for contractors to bid and build the project. When this happens, disputes often result, with the owner caught in the middle of the blame game between the designer and the contractor.

As construction starts, and since there would be two contracts, the designer and contractor could easily blame one another for construction problems and cost overruns. The owner potentially may become engaged in disputes between the designer and the contractor. The incidence and intensity of those disputes are often intensified by the dual contract nature of traditional design-bid-build project delivery—and time may be wasted in assessing blame.

With design-build, a unified approach is taken so your vision becomes the final result.

With design-build, the designer and contractor roles are unified. With one entity, there is an integrated flow of work from initial concept through completion. With both designer and builder on the same page, they build an alliance that nurtures teamwork and collaboration. The opportunity to coordinate and optimize the design effort with the construction effort is improved over any other system of project delivery.

A single contract, therefore, for both design and construction goes far in not only design and construction services, but in fostering a positive attitude of all involved in the project. Successful design-build projects are distinguished by how everyone involved makes the mental shift to think and act as a single entity.

Often compared to the Master Builder concept in the Renaissance, design-build is similar to that concept, which embodied the three disciplines of contractor, an architect and an engineer.

Design-build releases the power of a team to deliver projects faster, better and for optimum cost—the best value for the money, time and effort invested. Owners find that when design-build is done well, their engagement with the entire team is more meaningful than what may be experienced with other delivery methods. Design-build also works well if the owner is not well versed in the construction process since this choice focuses on the owner’s comfort level, degree of construction expertise, and availability to devote time to manage the project.

These are among the many reasons why the professionals at Sciarappa Construction are ready to assist your design-build project in Avon Lake or other neighboring communities. By calling (440) 930-2882 or by emailing us at, you can start to make your dream happen. We are at 32961 Oak Pkwy., Avon Lake, OH 44012, and have more than 40 years of combined experience in remodeling within the Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, and Greater Cleveland, Ohio areas. We are a family-owned and operated full-service construction company.

Sciarappa Construction offers services including new home construction, subdivision, development, apartment, and existing home and commercial rehab, plus general contracting and construction management.


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