December 1, 2018

Aging in place in Westlake: a main floor laundry room

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For older adults, a main floor laundry room makes wash day easy

If your home has a basement laundry room and you are an older adult, you probably are a bit tired of toting laundry up and down stairs. As more older adults are choosing “aging in place,” it makes sense to simplify wash day chores with a main floor laundry room.

Some popular locations for locating a main floor laundry room in Westlake as well as other communities include the kitchen, bathroom, closet or a spare bedroom. The website estimates an 80-square-foot laundry room would cost about $6,000 to $7,000 for the national average.

By stacking a dryer and a washer in former closet space, you keep a clean design in your kitchen.

As you review your house’s layout, choose a couple of laundry room sites. A closet could supply the minimum space, depending if you go for a stackable, apartment-size washer and dryer. If you have a spare bedroom, that allows you many more options as to machines and configuration.
One of the common locations is off the kitchen, in a separate room (replacing a breakfast nook, for example) if possible. Such a location makes it easier and less costly to extend existing water and drain lines than to install new lines. If you don’t have a separate room, laundry machines often may be installed below the counter, keeping a clean look to the kitchen.

However, if there is limited space, you can install a stackable washer and dryer in the kitchen proper, using a corner or storage closet for the location.

One drawback with a kitchen laundry is the potential clutter created. This makes for a clean-up chore when guests are invited over. But that easily can be overcome by scheduling laundry chores for a day or days when you’re not entertaining. There may be some noise issues, but they often can be minimized by soundproofing insulation.

Another popular location is in or abutting the bathroom. One clear advantage is the proximity of water and sewer lines, which saves the cost of new lines. Also, don’t forget how easy it will be to toss towels ready to wash directly into the washer.

If your bathroom has the space, a compact stacked washer and dryer offers an attractive solution.

Your house may have a central hallway where a storage closet is located, and this could be converted into laundry space. If there is enough width, you can install a washer and dryer side-by-side, providing shelf space above for laundry detergent and the like.

For a more complete laundry room, a main floor spare bedroom is an ideal choice. A spare bedroom offers more room so a washer and dryer, sink, clothes rack, shelves and storage cabinets can be incorporated.

When a spare bedroom is made into a laundry room, you may space for a hobby area as well.

With a spare bedroom setting for a laundry room, you have only a short distance from the dryer to the drawer with your clean clothes.

Whatever main floor location you choose, here are some tips to follow.

It’s a good idea to place a pan under the appliances. This provides protection against a water leak or washer overflow. The pan would include a valve, for example, to empty water into the drain pipe trap. You might add a floor drain as well.

Another tip about water supply concerns is to install a flood shutoff sensor and valve. This device includes a sensor placed in a strategic location, usually where a water supply line may spring a leak. Once water drips onto the sensor, it sends a signal to a processor that closes a special value you install on the water line.

The sensor and valve combination is a safety feature that will give you peace of mind 24 hours a day—you don’t want a leak pouring water over your floor and possibly damaging the floor below. This is especially important if your electrical panel is located right below the new laundry room.

A second tip is to install a sink. Since you will be doing all your laundry here, you’ll need a place to soak clothes that need special attention, such as hand washing. A storage cabinet can be added below the sink.

A retractable clothes line and a pull-down ironing board are two other useful additions.

Bi-fold doors in a hallway closet will hide laundry appliances well.

Finally, don’t think that you have to dedicate the entire room to be a laundry. A sewing/hobby area is a possibility, and you’ll be washing clothes and enjoying your hobby at the same time.

When you choose a construction partner for a main floor laundry room in Westlake or another community, give top consideration to a company you can trust to complete the job on time and exceed your satisfaction level. That’s Sciarappa Construction. We listen to your ideas, needs and concerns. You’ll have a complete understanding of the scope of work, the schedule and the total cost.

Contact Sciarappa Construction at (440) 930-2882 or by email at We’re located at 32961 Pin Oak Pkwy., Avon Lake, OH 44012. Website:

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