April 15, 2019

Adding an outdoor kitchen in Avon Lake

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A variety of ways to make grilling and entertaining easy

If you’ve ever looked out on your back yard and asked yourself what it would take to add an outdoor kitchen, the answer is closer than you think.

Outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and styles. There is a design for adding an outdoor kitchen in Avon Lake, or in many suburbs in Greater Cleveland, for your yard and budget, once you answer a few important questions.

First, consider the entertainment reasons.

An outdoor kitchen can be blended into your back yard to create a charming addition.

Do you plan to have guests regularly or on only a few occasions? This will guide your project’s size and layout, as well as its scale. If you are attracted to expensive appliances or an elaborate design, these may not justify an expensive outdoor kitchen. Typical outdoor kitchens cost from $4,000 to $20,000, according to HomeAdvisor.com, a website and service that tracks home repair prices and offers other recommendations.

An outdoor kitchen should not only fit your entertainment style and artistic leanings, but it also should blend into your back yard features in proportion and location. For instance, proximity to the house is a smart idea. You should expect that guests will be walking in and out of the house. Also, it makes sense to locate the outdoor kitchen so it takes advantage of your back yard’s scenic view.

Second, decide on what features are mandatory. Do you use a propane gas grill but would like to upgrade to a natural gas grill with a rotisserie? What about a sink, cabinets and a preparation island?

As part of your planning, also decide what kind of guest seating you will want. If you choose a table or barstools, either should be located away from the heart of the hot area.

If you make a list of these features and assign a priority to each, you’ll have a good idea of what to include and what to leave out if there is no room in the budget.

A grill is the central appliance you’ll want for your outdoor kitchen.

Appliances are a significant part of your budget. Spend plenty of time shopping for a grill since you will be using it most often.  Some homeowners add a pizza oven to their outdoor kitchen, which helps create the fun atmosphere of a pizzeria.

Other considerations include a refrigerator or cooler and a sink. You’ll probably need a food preparation area, such as an island or table, unless you use your indoor kitchen for these procedures. That’s a workable situation, but you should be prepared for a steady flow of guests in and out of the house.

Next, once the first few matters are completed, you will have an idea of a budget. Stick to your priorities and you will have your goal of an outdoor kitchen within your budget. Utility connections should be taken into account, since you may need to add electrical and gas lines as well as water and drain lines.

Appliances should also be weather resistant with Type 304 stainless steel your best option to prevent appliance rust.

A pergola or other covering helps create an intimate outdoor kitchen and dining area.

Along those lines, if you are including a countertop or cabinets, the finishes should be able to withstand direct sunlight, rain and extreme temperatures. Wood finishes should be treated to resist weather extremes. Countertop materials need to be tougher than for indoor kitchens, and granite, flagstone, sealed concrete are good options.

Lastly, decide if your budget includes a covering such as a pergola, roof, awning or umbrella. In the least, all of these will prevent unwanted droppings from the air and windblown dirt, but also will add shade and rain protection. A covering may often be one of the largest expenses, and homeowners need to consider a type of covering before construction begins.

An outdoor kitchen will make a charming addition to your home, and increase its value and make your home unique. No other home will have one quite like it! Adding an outdoor kitchen in Avon Lake is a project Sciarappa Construction will help you achieve. If you have a design, we will work with your idea. Or, if you don’t have a design, we will help you create one. Sciarappa Construction offers a full scope of construction services including new home construction; subdivision, development, apartment, and existing home rehab; and general contracting and construction management. A family-owned and operated full-service construction company, our general contracting crew has over 40 years of combined experience in remodeling homes within the Bay Village, Avon, Avon Lake, and Greater Cleveland, Ohio areas.

It’s just a phone call or email message away to get started. Contact Sciarappa Construction at (440) 930-2882 or by email at info@sciarappaconstruction.com. We’re located at 32961 Pin Oak Pkwy., Avon Lake, OH 44012.

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