April 1, 2019

Adding a three-season room in Bay Village

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Enjoy the outdoors from the indoors

If you’re a Bay Village, Ohio, homeowner, you know how much residents enjoy their yards, their gardens and just a view of the outdoors in general. And if your home doesn’t have a room to let you a bit closer to it all from April through November, you’ll want to think about adding a three-season room in Bay Village.

A well-designed three-season room incorporates the best in indoor features to enjoy the outdoors.

But you don’t have to be a Bay Village resident to be a great candidate for the addition. The western parts of Cuyahoga County and in neighboring Lorain County, having been developed most recently, had the advantage of larger lots than those in the inner-ring suburbs of Cleveland. So you’ll have plenty of trees, gardens, and other natural surroundings you’ll enjoy experiencing. A three-season room adds a rustic air to your home and is a great way to enhance your home’s value.

Depending on the size of the room and the extent of your plans, the cost of a three-season room can range from about $9,000 to $40,000, according to HomeAdvisor.com, a website and service that tracks home repair prices and offers other recommendations.

If you already have a deck, patio or pergola in your back yard, you already have the first step. Then, by adding the shelter of an enclosure, you keep the space open to the great outdoors, safe from inclement weather. The deck, patio or pergola may limit your three-season room to a particular size, however, if you’re taking advantage of an existing deck or porch.

Rich wood flooring and wood trim adds depth to a three-season room.

Popular sizes for three-season rooms range from 12-by-12-feet to 14-by-16 or so. Some people later wish they had made the room larger—so if you are giving the project a green light, go as large as you are able. But try to stay within the proportions of your house. You wouldn’t want it too big relative to your home’s modest design.

If you are free of the restraints of an existing porch or patio, it’s an excellent idea to orient the room so it has an exposure to sunlight. A southern orientation usually works best for ambiance and growing flowers to brighten the scene.

Skylights let in the natural light, while a ceiling fan circulates the air to stay cool.

On the subject of sunlight, you’ll want to include plenty of windows to not only allow light to shine in, but to add heat. Many three-season rooms are basically sunrooms, with single-pane glass windows. Screens allow air circulation, as do ceiling fans. Double-pane insulated windows will help keep in the heat if you’ll be extending the room’s use a little longer than the usual eight months—perhaps even a moderate spring or winter day.

Some homeowners add radiant floor heat to the room, so that the chill can be taken off in a short period of time. It is usually more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating.

Ceramic tile works well as flooring easy to clean. Slate flooring is another good choice, and doesn’t show dirt as much as some surfaces. It is also stain resistant.

The roof most ideally should match your home’s design. If you plan a pitched roof, by adding skylights you’ll not only add natural light but you’ll make an additional link to the outdoors, with brilliant skies in the offering.

A simple design makes a three-season room from an existing patio.

Consider adding a door to close off the room from the rest of the house, to avoid spending on extra energy to heat or cool.

But above all the wishes and hopes for your three-season room, spend the time to plan it well. A roof has to be coordinated well with a supporting frame, if you want plenty of glass windows. Or if you are building upon an existing deck, make sure it will support the extra weight.

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