February 28, 2020

A mirrored look to achieve the illusion of space in Rocky River

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Kitchens, anterooms, bathrooms may all benefit

Mirrors, when used well, can make a small room appear larger. A mirrored wall or series of mirrors can add depth, for instance, when placed across from an existing window, the reflection maximizing the natural light and the view of the outdoors.

So when you are remodeling and need a solution for a small room to appear larger, why not think about how a mirrored look achieves the illusion of space in Rocky River, or other community?

The first mirrors go back to ancient times, when polished stones or metals reflected an image, although often a bit distorted. Silver-coated mirrors were invented in 1835, but it wasn’t until 100 years later that a modern, economical process was developed. Mirrors are now manufactured in many sizes and shapes, offering solutions to almost any design dilemma.

Here are some matters to consider when getting maximum results from mirrors as a design feature.

A mirrored backsplash adds a look of spaciousness in the kitchen.


If your kitchen is small, and there is nowhere to expand, the backsplash is an ideal choice for a mirrored surfaced. Polished mirror-finish subway tile or traditional mirrors will make under counter lighting brighter and give a more spacious look to the kitchen as well.

A backsplash mirror is especially effective to create the impression of space. If the kitchen is U-shaped, you’ll have the advantage of one mirror reflecting into the other. This creates an infinite number of reflections and the illusion of  vast spaciousness.

Another possibility in the kitchen is to add mirrored tiles to cabinet fronts. Before you proceed, however, decide if you want to have the mirrored look on the hanging or floor cabinets. Both locations might be a little excessive.


An anteroom or a foyer off your home’s front entrance is an ideal place for a large mirror or mirrored wall. You’ll create the look of more space, and the mirror will offer you one more chance to see how you look before leaving to your social gathering, for example.

Add mirrors to a storage closet door and not only can you check your apparel but the surface will reflect light and give an open feeling.

Be sure to take into account the foyer’s lighting source so that you maximize the light’s range, avoiding the frustration of being in the dark.


Bathrooms are meant for mirrors, and a large mirror can do wonders to create roominess. This especially applies to small bathrooms or half-baths where there are no windows. Without a mirror, these rooms can be a bit claustrophobic, but with judicious use, that can be overcome.

You can make the wall behind the sink entirely of mirrors, or groups to add more of a stylish décor. Perhaps a combination of the two would work—a low reflection mirrored wall with a cluster of well-defined mirrors for viewing. The possibilities are endless. Go for the look that is organized but doesn’t feel cluttered.

Another option is to add a large round mirror to break up the rectangular shapes in the bathroom. This gives contrast and reflects more light, since there may be no window in the small bathroom or half-bath.

You don’t have to achieve a modern look here; if your taste is for a traditional décor, antiqued mirrors may offer the feel you’re seeking.


In the bedroom, a mirrored wall gives an expansive feeling.

Sitting rooms or even bedrooms are popular spots for a mirrored wall, and many homeowners choose a framing or artistic look to add interest.

A frame can make the mirrored wall look like one large mirror. Wide molding is very effective in achieving this design.

If that is too plain for your goal, instead of a frame, use a lattice pattern that is vertically and horizontally interesting, with equal shapes or a collection of shapes.

Another option is to actually paint or stencil a design on top of the mirrored wall. For instance, tree branches or an abstract pattern.

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