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Many small budget projects can have a large impact on your home: Part 2

Your home’s condition plays a large part in determining its value—for resale or just being in excellent condition for your convenience and appreciation. It’s always a good idea to give some thought to small scale projects that can have a big impact on your home. In Part 2 of our ideas for remodeling in Avon Lake or other suburbs in Northeast Ohio, we offer you some more suggestions.

  1. Making over the living room fireplace

A classic design feature of the majority of houses is a fireplace. But if you decide it’s time to make over your fireplace, here are some suggestions:

Brick tile is one option for a fireplace makeover.

One of the first considerations is to keep everything in proportion. The height of the mantel is a prime example. Anything over 60 inches in an 8-foot ceiling room is rare and tends to make the room look small. A better height is about 52-57 inches.

Another factor is that the entablature, the space between the mantel shelf and the top of the firebox, should be taller than the width of the “legs” of the fireplace. These are the vertical spaces on either side of the firebox.

The hearth, the brick or stone that projects outward from the front of the fireplace, also needs to be in proper proportion. Architects will use the golden ratio to determine the size: the ratio of the longer dimension to the shorter one is 1:1.618.

Fireplace demolition offers many possibilities for using brick or stone. The adjacent space makes a great spot for an entertainment center with shelves and cabinets, and there are many designs to complement your new fireplace.

  1. Installing a half wall
Half walls with pillars divide a space yet keep it connected to the entire room.

Many homeowners have finished their basements to some degree, changing a large cinder block space into a warm and livable one. But what often results is a large open space that once furnished, may look cluttered or unorganized. By adding a half wall, you can divide the space attractively while keeping the flow and not closing the area.

A half wall achieves this goal by defining the spaces as it keeps them connected and related. Most half walls are 3 to 4 feet tall. Columns may be added to help accomplish this purpose. Another option is to add bookshelves, cabinets or cubbies to the half wall, making for convenient places to store items.

  1. Mini laundry room under staircase

Having a laundry room on the main floor eliminates the chore of taking dirty laundry down the basement and bringing clean items back up.

The space under a staircase may be an ideal location for a mini-laundry.

Within the space underneath the staircase to your second floor, you can build a laundry room that keeps the appliances hidden and has a counter or shelves to store laundry supplies. Other additions could be a tabletop that folds down from the inner wall or an ironing board that opens from a wall or door.

  1. Mini bar in a closet

If you want to keep adult beverages away from children, a great solution is to use a small closet as a bar area. That way, you will be able to lock the closet/bar to keep out prying eyes and hands.

Often dark and a bit drab, a closet can be turned into an attractive bar with LED can lights mounted into the ceiling and a mirrored backsplash to make the space appear larger. A small refrigerator can be placed under a table top.

To finish off the back wall, add shelves to store bottles and glassware.

  1. A kitchen can vertical organizer

How often do you need quick and easy access to your canned goods, and your kitchen doesn’ have that feature?

One solution is to install a vertical rack on wheels that fills the space alongside a narrow opening, such as next to a refrigerator or other appliance.

The beauty of having space next to a refrigerator is that once you install the vertical rack of shelves, you can obtain the can you want without having to bend over. Also, having the cans at eye level makes it easy to locate the product you desire.

While not all kitchens may have such a space next to a refrigerator, similar vertical racks can be installed under a counter, again offering a convenient way to organize canned goods.

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