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Your getaway room can be part den, part game room

While the term “man cave” may call up images of a basement bar with a huge TV and a pool table, a man cave is merely a space in the house where it’s all about guy-things—it’s furnished and decorated by the man, and it’s where he can escape into his own world. Building a man cave in Avon, or in or other communities, may include installing a cool bar, pool table and big screen TV, or it may consist of a simple workout room with exercise equipment and complementing fixtures and furnishings.

If you’re a movie buff, the basement is often an ideal place to set up a man cave/home theater, and you’ll view your favorite flicks in a whole dimension by adding a sound system.

Whatever your design, it’s best to start with a theme and develop it along those lines. Sports themes are common for man caves but so are automotive themes. Home theaters are popular, as are game rooms with everything from the classic arcade games to the latest in video games. It breaks down into what you like and what you’d like to share with your friends.

As for your man cave’s location, consider the space available in your home. The basement often makes an ideal location, especially if you want a full bar, which your sports friends likely will expect. Expect to spend between $10 and $35 per square foot depending on the changes made to the basement, according to

But other options are the garage, a spare bedroom, attic, or even a stand-alone building. Whatever site you have available, it should provide a comfortable setting for your cave that is isolated from surrounding noise and activity.

Choose a theme for your man cave that represents you.

After you have chosen the location and you’ve decided to include these features, measure the space to plan for a big-screen TV (or TVs), furniture, tables, game space, location for a full bar that takes advantage of existing water and drain lines, and other accessories you may need. Also take account of electrical wiring and outlets should you require additional power.

Plumbing needs should be addressed early since additional water and drain lines take time to install in basements, for example. If you have an existing small bathroom there, it will add to your guests’ convenience.

A pool table makes a great center of interest in your man cave.

Choose a center of attraction in your man cave, be it a pool or poker table, air hockey or foosball game or a big-screen TV.

When installing a TV, the most important matter is the distance from the screen to the seating. The larger the screen, the more distance you will need away from the TV for optimum viewing.

Here are some estimates, based on 1 ½ to 2 ½ times the size: 65-inch TV–between 8 to 13 ½  feet away from the screen; 70-inch TV–9 to 14 ½ feet; 75-inch TV–9 ½ and 15 ½ feet; and 80-inch TV–10 and 16 ½  feet.

Also take into account the TV’s viewing angle specifications. For a wide room with seating at the side, you’ll need a TV that offers at least 30 degrees of viewing angle to avoid color washout for the guests not seated directly in front of the screen.

Does your dream include a full bar? Bars are offered in a variety of sizes and designs, so do some research on your options. Check out standard-sized bars versus custom-built ones to see what fits best in your space.

You can transform a spare room into your man cave/home gym by doing some research and careful planning.

If your dream is for a workout room and your space is only a spare bedroom, you can make it work with some smart choices. A 15-foot square space is ideal, but most bedrooms aren’t that large. This means there will be flooring issues because the limited space may require you to carry or drag equipment into place.

The American Council on Exercise suggests these space requirements:

Treadmills–30 sq. ft.
Single-Station Gym–35 sq. ft.
Free Weights–20-50 sq. ft.
Bikes–10 sq. ft.
Rowing Machines–20 sq. ft.
Stair Climbers–10-20 sq. ft.
Ski Machines–25 sq. ft.
Multi-Station Gym–50-200 sq. ft.

Also, you’ll need flooring that’s stable but offers cushioning. Mirrors will make the space appear larger and will reflect the light in the room. They also offer a way to monitor if you’re keeping the correct posture.

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