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Getting more space for storage or workshop

A garage addition,or bump-out may be just the thing for your storage or workshop needs. Do you need space for your motorcycle, lawn care equipment or even to store that vintage auto you love? Or do you need space for a watercraft to store in the winter?

A generation or more ago, a garage bump-out often along the rear wall just served the purpose of extra space for lengthy sedans so the garage door could close completely. Garages built since then usually don’t have issues with lengthy vehicles, but as homeowners realized they needed more space for bicycles, lawn mowers, tools and workbenches, a garage addition made sense.

Avon and surrounding communities benefit from the forward-thinking that designed residential lots large enough to accommodate expansion. Many residences were constructed in the 1970s and succeeding years and designers understood the need for space.

Installing a garage addition in Avon, Ohio or in other communities begins with assessing how much space you hope to gain and how much existing land you have to invest in the project.

A garage bump-out can add more space for less cost than a separate storage building.

For example, a 5-by-12-foot addition would provide 60 square feet of space, enough to store a motorcycle, bicycles and other items, and is a popular choice for those looking for just a little more room.

This size usually does not require a concrete foundation, but only a pressure-treated wood foundation, similar to a deck foundation. A larger addition, perhaps large enough to park another vehicle, would require concrete flooring and would bring a larger cost.

Depending on the type of materials for roofing, siding, windows/doors and utilities you choose, garage bump-outs costs can range from $2,000 to $12,000, ranging on the size. Furthermore, most types of bump-outs would usually cost less and be easier to build compared to constructing a new storage building.

When considering the size for your garage addition, determine how much of your yard you need for the project. If your garage is located near your property line, that situation may prevent expanding along that wall due to building code restrictions. In those cases, you will need an alternate plan, probably choosing a back wall or a front wall.

Besides adding storage space, a garage expansion may offer the opportunity to add a laundry room. This adds to the cost, but may be well worth the convenience if you want to avoid going downstairs for laundry chores. Plumbing and electrical lines would be needed. HVAC is another consideration depending on the scope of the project.

A garage workshop is one type of use you can find for your garage bump-out.

Similarly, if you want to build a workshop with cabinets and a bench, you’ll need to add extra electrical outlets and lighting.

Don’t pass over the idea of a man cave, where you can sit with your buddies among a pool table or foosball table and plan the latest customization of your dream car.

Both of these additions will require access, so if you have two cars already parked in the garage you’ll have to plan accordingly.

Speaking of vehicles, if your concern is a home for your teenager’s car—or a small boat or Jet Ski, an extra bay to your two-car garage is the answer. A third bay eliminates having to park in the driveway or street, and offers shelter from adverse weather.

This project, depending on the scope, will be considerably more costly than a bump-out, but will add to your home’s value and offer you appreciation as your vehicles stay sheltered from inclement weather or theft while on the street. If your driveway needs widening for access to the third bay, that is another cost you will need to consider.

An extra bay to an existing garage can add precious space for a third vehicle or watercraft.

The addition can be designed so the roofline blends into the existing structure, making a clean look. Such an addition also opens the opportunity to add a floor above the addition, creating an extra bedroom or a loft apartment for in-laws for other family members. That’s an ambitious project, but very achievable.

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